Friday, 13 April 2012

Ion Vasilescu, your authorized electrician Bucharest

Most of the time when you need an electrician, you take things into your own hands and try to resolve the problem yourself, or in other cases you call a „good” friend who you know is more handy at this type of household repair. But saving some money by not calling for an authorized electrician can sometime bring you more problems and higher costs for repair. It is not the safest way to deal with the problem either, because you need specific knowledge, and most of all experience.

Experience, professionalism, attention to detail

Ion Vasilescu has more than 35 years of it, and he uses it to skillfully return the comfort to all the houses or enterprises he is called at. In so many years of constant practice, he has learned that prevention is a major rule in what concerns electricity. Underestimating it or overestimating your capacity of fixing a problem with the electrical wiring can be extremely dangerous, so the first advice is to always call an expert in such situations. Ion Vasilescu is an expert and he can help you with any problems involving the electric systems. He offers various services, from mounting electric panels to installing lighting fixtures, either simple or more complex, according to your preferences. He will also fix any immediate electrical problems that normally occur in any highly frequented space, renewing the wiring or repairing the defects of the electrical installations rapidly and in a professional manner.

Also, as we spoke about preventing accidents, you should now that among other services the Bucharest electrician offers is mounting protection systems against electrocution. Those who have children will understand best how important such a feature is for families, since kids are always curious and try everything around the house. This system however is designed not only for this particular case but for general use as differential protection. As an electrician, Ion Vasilescu can also create additional circuits for your air conditioning, washing machine, electric stoves, ventilators and other machinery that need more complex wiring.

The experience Ion Vasilescu has accumulated along the years gives him enough credibility for you to call him right away, whenever you have a problem with the electric panel, circuit, device or system. This electrician is available for you nonstop, and you only have to call at his number 0751.024.005 for a rapid and easy fix to any problem. Whichever the task may be, simple or needing more attention and work, his tariffs are fixed so there are no unpleasant surprises at the end of the day. He provides rapid interventions for houses, apartments, or commercial spaces in all areas of Bucharest as well as in the neighboring area, in Ilfov.

It is the vast experience which has also taught him that working with high standard materials is the best way to prolong the good condition of an electric system, so he only relies on quality materials when given any tasks.

If you need an electrician that can help you with his advice and expertise in any problems you have at home or with your commercial building, call authorized electrician Ion Vasilescu at his number between 7 AM and 10 PM every day and you will find professionalism, seriousness, quality, and experience, all in one package.

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